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L4 39W LED Gel Lamp

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  • Size390 * 350 * 99 mm
  • Weight1 kg

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

Wire-Wireless LED Power Gel Lamp for Professional Use 

- 39W of high power station with superior quality of irradiation by Power LED light 

- Freely adjustable angle (45o) perfectly cures 5 fingers of any shape in any position.

- Lamp part is separable from the base charger and can be used wirelessly for 3 hours continuously once 


- Eye Shield for limitation LED light exposure

- Harmless to skin with wavelength 400-410nm, closest to natural visible rays. 

- Smart LED Gel Lamp, easy to use for everyone.


Size                  Lamp   270 x 92 x 98mm

                         Base Charger 292 x 292 x 20.5mm

Weight              Lamp 220G

                         Lamp with Battery : 1.105G

Electricity          39W

                          DC12V / 5V AC 110V ~220V

Wavelength       400 ~ 410nm

Curing Time      30Sec.

Power Supply    Rechargeable Battery (12,000mA)

Contents : Power LED Gel Lamp + Base Charger + Adapter + Manual + Eye Shield



Basic Method of Operation: Press the power button on the top of the lamp.

(Press once for 30sec, twice for 60sec, three times for power-off. Auto power-off when time’s up.)


  1. Clean the surface of the nail.

  2. Apply base gel and cure for 30-60sec.

  3. Apply color gel and cure for 30-60sec.

  4. Apply top gel and cure for 30-60sec.l

  5. Cleanse the remaining oil with gel cleanser


Contents : Power LED Lamp + Base Charger + Adapter + Manual + Eye Shield


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L4 39W LED Gel Lamp

L4 39W LED Gel Lamp

L4 39W LED Gel Lamp